Types Of Gutter Guards

It seems that all gutter guards are the same. When they are covering the gutters and guarding them against all kinds of debris it is difficult to distinguish between them. The real picture is absolutely different. The gutter guards are divided into different types according to their utility and materials. Mostly the buyers prefer the aluminium gutter guard This is because they are believed to be sturdy and reliable. Depending on the type of debris that you want to keep away from the gutter the guards are classified into the following types: 

Bottle brush guards 
These gutter guards are an economical and budget-friendly option. They are fitted with hard bristles. These guards are preferred in the autumn season or in the areas where there is heavy leaf shedding. The major job of these guards is to prevent the leaves from falling into the gutter and clogging the gutter. The bristles are hard enough to prevent the leaves from falling into the gutter. As the leaves try to fall into the gutter the leaves get stuck into the bristles. The only drawback of the brush gutter guard is that when the leaves get stuck in bulks it becomes difficult to continue with the normal gutter function. Usually, the major construction is similar to the aluminum gutter guard 

Foam gutter guards 
These gutter guards operate like a sponge. On one hand they absorb the extra water content and on the other hand, allow the water to the move easily through the gutter. The major component used in the manufacturing of the foam gutters is the porous polyurethane. This part of the guard is fixed into the gutter and the rest of the job is done by the gutter foam. This gutter guard is very short living. The maximum age of these guards is not more than two years. As the time ticks away the foam stops working. The task is not done as it was done initially. The brittle foam fails to let the water flow. The foam is also challenging because it cannot stop the shingles from passing through the foam. Hence, it finally gets stuck in the gutter. 

Perforated gutter guards 
Fitted under the shingles the perforated metal guards work really well with the leaves. The leaves can be brushed away easily but then this will not prevent the twigs, shrubs, and pods from going into the gutter. The working capacity is very limited. As the debris passes through after some time it creates a kind of trough over the gutter that clogs the water causing it to overflow.  

Meshed guards 
Mesh gutter guards or the mesh screens are an alternative to the perforated gutter guards. They were to some extent a great alternative but could not do well in heavy rains or floods. gutter-leaf