Benefits Of Sleeping On Silk

Sleeping on silk feels just as luxurious as it sounds but recent studies have shown that not only does sleeping on silk simply feel luxurious, but it actually has quite a few benefits for your body. Have you ever dreamt of waking up every single morning with perfect, frizz free hair and baby soft skin? You can now not only achieve both of those dreams but also wake up feeling totally refreshed and beautiful! Read below to know more about the benefits of sleeping on silk, whether that’s silk sheets or even just a silk pillow case.

Hair Benefits

Hair stylists and professionals recommend you sleep on silk pillow cases for several reasons. First of all, it can prolong any hair treatments you have gotten done such as permanent straightening or even Brazilian blowouts as the fabric is so soft and “silky”, it will help keep your hair smooth and prevent tangles. Sleeping on a useful linen or cotton pillowcase will cause hair to bunch up, knot, and get static-y since these fabrics grip and tug at the strands causing breakage. One more way your hair will benefit by sleeping on silk is since silk does not absorb any moisture and stimulates hydration, this reduces sebum production which in turn will help you prevent greasy hair and you can wear your hairstyles longer.

Silk is hypoallergenic and can give you a good night’s sleep

Silk does not accumulate allergy causing irritants or even dust so this makes it the perfect bedding material choice for anyone who suffers with dust allergies and asthma. Any individual with sleep problems such insomnia will also benefit quite a bit by using silk bedding, because the lack of friction unlike in linen sheets Australia, will help you have a good night’s sleep if you are someone who is always tossing and turning over in bed at night.

Anti-ageing and skin benefits

If you’re not still in your early 20’s anymore, chances are you’ve started to notice a few small wrinkles here and there. You are now looking into anti-ageing treatments and creams to help you combat these fine lines early on but did you know that silk prevents ageing? Studies have shown that the amino acids present in silk can reverse the effects of ageing and help calm the nervous system. Unlike cotton, which is a highly absorbent fabric that draws moisture, silk will not absorb natural moisture from your face or even your expensive night creams and treatments while you sleep. This is also highly beneficial for anyone suffering with dry or flaky skin conditions such as eczema.

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