Correcting Sun Damage With Laser Treatment

Sun damaged skin is a very common problem nowadays. When you keep your skin unprotected from harmful sunrays, the heat of the sun directly affects your skin. As a result, you notice dullness, spots and burns on your skin. There are two types of sunrays that damage your skin, UVA and UVB. These sunrays are extremely harmful for both skin and eyes. UVA damages the skin by making it dry.

The natural oil that your skin supplies, gets reduced by the heat and wrinkles appear on your skin and in many cases anti wrinkle injections are opted by many customers. As a result, your skin looks older and saggy. On the other hand, dark patches, spots and sunburns are caused by UVB. If you have lighter complexion, you will notice your skin becoming a bit dark. But if you have darker complexion, you won’t probably see much difference, but the sunrays will damage your skin.

  • Some ways to correct sun damaged skin:Treating sun damaged skin is very important. It not only makes you look older than your actual age, but it also destroys the building blocks of your skin, and thereby makes it look dull, patchy and bumpy. Though you can go for treatments, like botox, later but it would be highly helpful if you take protection from before. So, it’s very important that you use sunscreen on a daily basis whenever you go out in the heat. You should be very careful while choosing a sunscreen for your skin. A sunscreen with SPF 30 or more and with Vitamin C and E will be effective in reducing the damage caused by sunrays. Also, vitamin A will help your skin becoming firmer. Many home-made natural remedies can also help you treating the damage. But it will take some time, and won’t show you as effective results as you imagined.
  • Laser treatment for sun damaged skin:Another effective way to treat the sun damaged skin is the laser treatment. It improves the condition of the skin and removes unwanted spots, fine lines and pigments. With the help of this particular treatment, you will be able to transform your skin into its previous condition before it was damaged by the harmful heat of the sun, and you’ll be satisfied seeing the change. This laser treatment is an advanced non-surgical treatment using heat and light that is absorbed by the building blocks of the skin, encouraging stimulation of the skin’s collagen and elastin, and thereby making the skin lighter, clearer, firmer and younger.

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