Practical Skills To Handle Emergencies At Home Or Workplace

Providing immediate support to an injured person in different situations until the medical assistance is available is necessary to prevent any adverse effect on the person. Providing life support, preventing bleeding, covering the wound, providing resuscitation, etc., requires trained person. In schools, workplace, etc., there is a need for people to be compliant with the principles of giving lifesaving support. Every person can acquire the skills to save a life by attending the programs provided by training institutions.

What you will learn?

By attending senior first aid Brisbane or Level 2 training, a person will be able to recognize signs and symptoms of different illnesses and difficulties faced by a victim of an accident so that appropriate assistance can be provided to ease the difficulties till proper medical treatment is available. Many workplaces and swimming pools employ only people with appropriate training in immediate care in their establishment. Depending on the program selected by the student the mode of delivering training may vary. Some programs are offered in classrooms with theory, practical and assessment after the program and some programs are offered online and the student will need to attend the practical sessions only in person. One can select a flexible program according to their time availability and area of interest. Most of these training programs do not require any pre-requisites. 

Group training is an option

  • Any industry or workplace which needs trained staff to attend any sick or injured person can send their staff to attend apply first aid course provided by reputed facilities.
  • Most of the reputed institutions will be willing to come to your place and to provide the necessary training to your staff as a group.
  • Group training is cost effective when you have more than 10 people to get trained in basic care administration.
  • Learning time required for the course may vary from 5 to 7 hours depending on the syllabus included and prior knowledge of the student in the subject.

Online training requirements

Online training on immediate care requires a computer with internet connectivity, speakers or earphones to listen to the tutorials provided,
and download ability to view the course contents. The student can enroll for the course by visiting the website of the training institution. They can also get more information regarding the courses offered by these institutions by contacting them. The students should opt for facilities which offer the help of specialists in training. The program selected should meet the safe work code of the country. It is necessary for immediate medical care personnel to refresh their skills every 3 years.